• The book is still being updated, but the draft is available to purchase personal use. To purchase, students MUST agree to the following terms:


    1. The cost of the Clear Thinking Workbook, Provisional Draftin the form of a PDF document is USD $22.60 and non-refundable. This amount will serve as a deposit payment towards the purchase of the final published version of the text. A discount coupon code will be issued to you for the purpose of purchasing the final version, valid for one year after the publication of the final text. Note: The coupon cannot be transferred to another person, it cannot be used to purchase other texts, and not valid for any ebook versions.
    2. You may use the Clear Thinking Workbook, Provisional Draft PDF for the duration of the class. However, once the course has concluded, usually determined by the expiration of access to the course video and audio recordings, you MUST delete the PDF file from your computer, as well as delete the email containing the PDF file attachment.
    3. If you prefer to work with a hardcopy of this text, you are welcome to print a copy for your own personal use,and would also need to be destroyed after use.
    4. At the end of the course, we will send an email reminder. At that time, you will be required to confirm by replying to the email, stating that the PDF file and hard copy have been deleted. Or, you may also proactively inform us that they have been deleted by sending an email to  publications@nitarthainstitute.org 
    5. If you prefer to not purchase the final version of the text, you are still required to delete/destroy the Clear Thinking Workbook, Provisional Draft, and no refund will be issued for deposit payment you made to access the Clear Thinking Workbook, Provisional Draft.
    6. If you decide to purchase this text, it fully means you have understood and agree with this policy.
    7. Once we receive your website order, we will email the PDF to your email address indicated in the website order. Please use the same email as the one you used for registration to Nitartha course. Please be allow 72 hours for processing.

    For questions, please email us at publications@nitarthainstitute.org

  • NOTE: For shipping within the US only. Ninety six definition flashcards drawn from the Collected Topics root text. English, Tibetan, and Sanskrit translations included.
  • Available in print and as an eBook for Apple and Google.

    Translator: Dr. Mitra Karl Brunnhölzl

    A root text compiled by Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen. It presents the divisions and definitions of objects as presented in the abhidharma tradition of Vasubandhu.  
  • Traducción del tibetano al inglés por Karl Brunnhölzl Traducción del inglés al español por Israel Lifshitz

    Un texto raíz recopilado por Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen. Presenta las divisiones y las definiciones de los objetos como se presenta en la tradición de abhidharma de Vasubandhu.
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